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Elegant and adaptable sails to create cool and shaded spaces.

The design, functionality, comfort, and quality of components define ANGO’s solar sails, offering aesthetics and durability for a variety of outdoor spaces. In addition, our sails feature an optional mechanism for adjusting the height, allowing for shade adjustment based on the sun’s position. Thanks to the pylon technique, ensuring tension and flexibility, our sails can be rollable or fixed, the latter tailored to the customer’s needs. This makes them ideal for shading sports areas, playgrounds, schools, and event spaces, meeting the most demanding architectural requirements.

  • Sail cuffs available in various finishes, crafted with quality to withstand tension and wind forces.
  • Concave tailoring of the sail edges for optimal tensioning.
  • Customized height adjustment system.
  • Perimeter strap for reinforced sail cuffs. SNAP tensioning system.
  • Custom-sized 3D membrane for solar sails, with a 4 times reinforcement of the fabric.
  • Robust sail plates, welded technique. Highly resistant ultrasonic stitching.
Mobile sails
  • Rollable sails feature an airy design that allows for cross ventilation. Due to their variety of applications in terms of shape and size, this system is extremely simple; it quickly rolls and unrolls, and can be fixed in any position and size.
  • It features a rigid rolling axis that impresses with its design and length.
  • Equipped with the ‘jaw’ safety package, and upon request, it can include the height adjustment and rope brake system.
  • The sail shape can be triangular or rectangular, with sizes ranging from 55 m2 to a maximum of 65 m2.
  • Sail projection from 7 to 9 m maximum on each side. Axis length from 9 m to a maximum of 13 m.

Experience modernity and comfort with our innovative solar sails.

Extruded lacquered aluminum or stainless steel structure.

Acrylic fabric with various weights/ Screen Soltis and/or Sunworker/ VIP FR.

Structure: Basic color stainless steel or lacquered according to RAL chart.

Fabrics: Basic colors white, beige, and gray/ Other colors to be selected from catalogues.

Option of manual or motorized mechanism.

Shade sails providing coverage similar to tree shade.

ANGO shade sails are crafted using high-quality technical fabrics placed on an extremely durable support mesh, joined through rings, and reinforced with a perimeter cord for tension from the ends. Thanks to their regular openings and high-resistance technical fabrics, our sails can withstand permanent outdoor exposure. Their waterproof fabric prevents water pooling, while the open weave allows wind to pass through effortlessly.

shade sails
  • The shade sails can be installed permanently, allowing for the maneuvering around existing elements such as trees or posts by creating a frame of stainless steel pressed cable on which the shade nets are placed and tensioned.
  • The Profile system consists of two stainless steel tubes at each end, providing support to the shade net, offering both rigidity and elegance. This allows for the coverage of large areas with a clear and filtered shade.

  • The Tenkeder system provides the flexibility to use existing pergolas or frames, where the nets can be fixed with cables and bridges, allowing their insertion into the aluminum guides for optimal fixation and tensioning over the pergola profiles.

Shade sails: A Shelter Under the Sun

Structure: Extruded lacquered aluminum or stainless steel.

Acrylic fabrics with various weights/ Screen Soltis/ VIP FR.

Structure: Basic color stainless steel or lacquered according to RAL chart.

Fabrics: Basic colors white, beige, and gray/ Other colors to be selected from catalogues.

Permanent or removable exhibition. 

Shade varies based on fabric cut and number of layers: 50% single-layer WAVE CUT, 70% single-layer CURVE CUT, 80% double-layer WAVE CUT.

Technical fabrics suitable for outdoor or indoor use, allowing natural air circulation.