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style and resistance

Our ANGO umbrella line offers an exceptional combination of style and durability. Crafted with high-quality materials, they withstand external elements without wear, maintaining their shape and texture. Available in various shapes, such as square, rectangular, and circular, we provide customized options like screen printing, side curtains or screens, LED lighting on ribs and/or mast, heating system in the base or ribs, joining gutters, and a portable 12V battery. Furthermore, our bases are designed to meet different needs: fixed galvanized steel for ground anchoring, fixed galvanized steel with 4 stones, and mobile metal base covered in fiberglass with wheels and refillable with gravel or stones.

light parasol
Lightweight yet sturdy, it can cover up to 16 m2, making it ideal for small to medium-sized outdoor areas. Its compact design makes it perfect for fitting into any space, with the option of permanent or removable installation according to the user’s needs.
plus parasol

With its large size, capable of covering up to 36m2, it facilitates the creation of spacious areas with a slender and elegant silhouette. It easily adapts to any environment and is ideal for bar, restaurant, and hotel terraces, as well as sports areas and shopping centers.

SHIFTED parasol

This umbrella features an off-center mast, perfect for narrow spaces where pedestrian traffic or furniture should not be obstructed. It’s an original and practical alternative to traditional umbrellas, allowing for maximum use of available space.


An oasis of freshness and style in any outdoor space

Mast with a diameter of 50mm in one piece with 8 ribs/ Aluminum ribs of 32 x 16 mm/ Nylon two-piece rib holder: easy replacement of ribs/ Easy operation through a pulley and rope system/ Top finished with a polyester hat coated with fiberglass.

Telescopic mast 105x105mm with internal reinforcement/ Aluminum ribs of 20x40mm with internal reinforcement/ Stainless steel screws/ Top finished with a polyester hat coated with fiberglass/ Cover with telescopic pole/ Presence detectors for heating/ Opening through a machine and spindle system.

Aluminum ribs of 20x40mm reinforced or 6 aluminum ribs of 32x16mm with a two-piece nylon rib holder/ Telescopic mast of 105x105mm or one-piece mast of 50mm in diameter/ Stainless steel screws/ Top finished with a polyester hat coated with fiberglass/ Presence detectors for heating/ Cover with telescopic pole/ Opening through a machine and spindle mechanism.

Structure: Aluminum/ Basic color: White and black, other colors to be selected from the RAL chart

Fabric: Acrylic 300gr/m2, Polyester, PVC/ Colors: White, ivory, beige, pearl, other colors available upon consultation