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Elegance and Simplicity

At ANGO, we offer a wide range of awnings with avant-garde and contemporary designs. We have an extensive variety of fabrics and finishes for the structure, allowing complete adaptability to any project. Additionally, our awnings can be equipped with a range of optional accessories such as lighting, heating, audio, motorization, and automation, to provide an even more personalized and comfortable experience.

  • Simple and sturdy awning, featuring a modern design widely used on balconies and terraces of all kinds.
  • The system includes invisible arms that provide maximum protection for both the fabric and the awning arms.
  • Ideal for terraces and balconies with a sleek and elegant design.
  • The integrated cassette system ensures a perfect adaptation to any facade and provides optimal protection when closed.
  • Pergola awning with a structure and rafter system; this model offers limited weather tightness.
  • The canvas waves provide pleasant shade, effectively protecting your outdoor spaces.
  • The Monobloc awning is designed to cover areas up to 45 m2, offering an efficient and easy-to-install solution.
  • It stands out for its high resistance and optimal adaptability to all types of facades.
Window awning
  • Modern and avant-garde awning widely used for windows in various types of buildings.
  • Can be installed on the front or ceiling with a 90º or 180º tilt, ensuring the fabric remains completely vertical and taut, providing optimal coverage.
  • Simple in design, easy to install, and comfortable to use, this awning is ideal for any balcony with a railing.
  • The fabric is equipped with a protective profile, ensuring effective coverage and privacy.
  • Vertical awning with a canvas that slides along side structures using aluminum guides, cables, or zippers, ensuring tension and weatherproofing.
  • It effectively protects the space from the sun and wind while providing privacy. Options include a window with PVC canvas or full transparency.
  • Awning with a manual handling system using a hidden spring that facilitates comfortable rolling and ensures the canvas remains taut at all times.
  • This feature provides privacy on balconies and terraces where permanent divisions are not feasible or where a space needs to be divided according to specific requirements.
  • Freestanding horizontal awning designed to be installed on glass or polycarbonate roofs with a guided system featuring a cassette and internal tension. 
  • Manufactured with high-tech materials, such as high-strength guides and elastic straps, it ensures exceptional durability and resistance to weather conditions.

Diversity of designs that adapt perfectly to any environment.

Extruded lacquered aluminum structure.

Acrylic fabric with various weights/ Screen Soltis and/or Sunworker/ VIP FR.

Structure: Basic white color or choice according to RAL chart.

Fabric: Wide range of colors to choose from according to catalogs (Sauleda, Recasens, and Dickson).

Manual operation with cranks for all awnings, or through pulley and cord for the rafter system. 

Motorization available with remote control or push button. 

Canopy for fabric protection. 

Wind sensors to be consulted depending on the awning type.

Helps reduce direct sun exposure, protecting spaces, furniture, flooring, among others.

They are water-resistant, making them ideal for protection against light rain.