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Enjoy a Smart and Efficient Home

In the hectic dynamics of our current world, the real revolution is to stop and appreciate the light, which is the source of energy and vitality for all of us. It is thanks to automation that this vision becomes a reality. 

Welcome to the future of solar protection and the effortless enjoyment of a smart and efficient home!

Automation for a Wide Variety of Products

Automation provides a convenient and efficient way to manage the extension and retraction of our products, offering comfort and practicality to users. Now, thanks to our accessories, it is possible to experience complete home care automation wirelessly and autonomously. This technology is not just an aspiration but becomes a tangible reality through the range of products we offer to make it possible.


Control, program, and manage remotely

Our wide range of remote controls designed to operate blinds, curtains, awnings, pergolas, and more.

Our remotes offer various functions such as centralized control, timers, individual or simultaneous control of multiple devices, slat adjustment, and an intuitive interface for a hassle-free experience.

Solar, rain, wind, or temperature sensors to automate the operation of blinds, awnings, or shutters.

These sensors allow your devices to open and close automatically, adapting to changing weather conditions to provide you with comfort and protection at all times.

Smart Home systems enable the integration of a wide range of network-connected devices, such as awnings, pergolas, blinds, and lighting systems, allowing them to communicate with each other and with a central control. You can manipulate and configure all your products from your mobile device without the need to be at home.