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Expand and protect your spaces with elegance and functionality.

The fixed and mobile roofs by ANGO offer versatility with construction options in Safety Glass, Double Glazing, Polycarbonate, or Sandwich Panel. The integrated drainage system ensures effective water evacuation through a front gutter and post downspout, preventing any leakage. Additionally, its clever design ensures easy cleaning by eliminating dirt accumulation zones along the entire perimeter. On the other hand, self-supporting roofs are designed to expand habitable spaces in homes with easy installation, thanks to their intuitive assembly system.

  • A roof with a design that eliminates horizontal profiling, even in the mobile roof, achieves a clean and modern aesthetic with the glass.
  • This creates spacious and unique areas that seamlessly integrate with existing glass curtain systems in the market, as well as with solar protection options such as veranda awnings and vertical awnings.
  • An ideal roof that allows diffused light to pass through when closed or fixed, thanks to the use of lighter materials such as polycarbonate.
  • This option enables the expansion of spaces in any type of building, whether fixed or mobile, making it a perfect solution to increase usable surface area and maximize the use of these areas.
  • Thanks to completely opaque sheets, this type of roof offers the possibility of expanding, protecting, conditioning, and enjoying spaces throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Its easy installation and adaptability to any type of enclosure make it an ideal solution without the need for additional construction work.

An ingenious and practical design, ideal for efficiently expanding spaces.

Structure: Extruded aluminum / Basic color: white, other colors according to RAL chart

Glass: 4+4 mm Transparent, matte white, solar control, silence (acoustic control) / Chamber and Low-E Chamber.

Polycarbonate: Aluminum sheet on both sides with injected polyurethane 16 or 25 mm / Basic color: White or Ice, others upon consultation.

Panel: 16 mm or 24 mm sheet / Basic color: white, other colors according to RAL chart.

  • Bearing system without horizontal profiling
  • Integrated lights
  • Hidden motor
  • Double-throw transmission Compatible with all sun protection and glass enclosure systems
  • Option for automation