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Minimalism and Elegance

ANGO’s pergolas stand out for their functionality and quality, blending the latest design trends and technology to transform any space, regardless of its size. Our innovative systems provide adaptable protection to the specific needs of each environment, whether from sunlight or rain. Tailor-made and personalized, they offer a wide range of colors and fabrics for a unique design that perfectly suits each project.

  • Bioclimatic pergolas are distinguished by their sturdy aluminum structure and adjustable slats, offering flexibility by allowing the entry of light and air when open vertically and providing complete weather tightness when closed horizontally.

  • With numerous modulation options and high-quality materials, these pergolas provide an ideal sun protection solution that adapts to and enhances any space where they are installed.
  • Its minimalist and avant-garde design adds a touch of elegance to any environment, allowing for the expansion of any space, both in homes and in leisure and dining establishments.
  • Tensioned pergola with a fabric fixed to a system of transverse aluminum profiles that move along horizontal guides for its opening.
  • It features a packing closure and a main aluminum structure, providing durability and ease of use.
  • Medium slope of 15%. Internal gutter system for channeling rainwater.


Main structure of lacquered extruded aluminum.

Stainless steel INOX 304 screws and fastenings.

Pergorain: Waterproof technical fabric according to the catalog.

Bioclimatic: Aluminum slats with adjustable orientation up to 135º opening.

Aluminum structure according to RAL chart.

Pergorain: Fabrics to be selected according to the catalogue.

Remote control or  push button.


Pergorain: LED or SPOT lighting system on rafters.

Bioclimatic: Perimeter LED lighting system, monochrome and/or RGB.

The Pergorain and Bioclimatic pergolas are completely waterproof when closed, ensuring total protection against rain. In the case of the Pergorain, it provides 100% UV protection, while in the case of the bioclimatic pergola, the adjustable orientation of the slats allows for the regulation of sunlight and air, providing total control over the outdoor environment.