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Decorative transitions between the exterior and interior.

ANGO blinds ensure optimal protection for your interior spaces, providing a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors, both in decorative and functional terms. With a wide range of models, they adapt to any decorative style, adding an aesthetic and welcoming touch to your surroundings.


We offer extensive customization with various fabrics and flexible configurations to ensure a perfect and durable rolling. Our blinds allow you to manage the room’s lighting with smooth operation, providing anything from filtered light to complete opacity.

vErtical BLINDS

The light gradation provided by its slats allows for the creation of elegant and tidy environments, thanks to the projection generated by their lines. These vertical blinds represent an ideal solution for elegantly and simply regulating light, particularly suitable for large windows or areas leading to outdoor spaces.

panel BLINDS

The panels consist of overlapping sections that slide to block light and provide excellent sun protection, making them ideal for large windows. In addition to their practical function, they add personality to the space and can be used as dividers between areas.


In addition to their functionality, they allow for opening the window without the need to retract them, installing within the frame, with the fabric secured with Velcro for easy removal and placement at any time. The fabric can have a rod for added stiffness or be without a rod for a softer appearance.


Slim pleat design that fits any window, with a minimal stacking size. They can be configured with fabrics for total opacity or to filter light, or combined with the Day and Night finish. Available in the Cell fabric format, with an interior cell that ensures 100% opacity and excellent thermal insulation.

vision BLINDS

Combines opaque and transparent horizontal bands for complete control over brightness and privacy. With a wide collection of vibrant fabrics, they perfectly adapt to any decorative need, from striking contrasts to neutral integration in the room.


Perfect for office environments and other workspaces, it adds significant aesthetic value to settings with modern decor. With 50mm slats, it offers a wide variety of combinations with textile tapes and allows for complete customization, adapting to any decorative style.


Thanks to the horizontal arrangement of its slats and the natural warmth of the wood, it creates elegant and inviting atmospheres, always with the right amount of light. Natural wood venetian blinds are versatile and stylish, with exceptional durability, making them the perfect choice to enhance any space.


Vanguard Protection for Your Interior Spaces

Roller blinds with a cassette to conceal the rolling tube.

Decorative front to hide the rolling tube.

Ceiling or wall brackets.

Manual chain system.


Structure, cassette, and brackets: Extruded aluminum.

Fabrics: Solar mesh, blackout fabric, decorative fabric, and colors to choose from according to the catalogue.